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Contact Lenses

Primary Eye Exam


Advances in contact lens design and materials have made contact lens wear a clear, comfortable option for many people requiring vision correction. Our contact lens services stress maintaining eye health for many years of comfortable and healthy contact lens wear. Our doctors have extensive training and experience in prescribing most types of contact lenses, including:


Soft or Gas Permeable
Toric for Astigmatism
Extended Wear Contact Lenses
Fashion and Custom Prosthetic Color Lenses
Bifocals / Multifocal - Soft or Hard
Contacts for Irregular Corneas / Specialty Contacts
Scleral Lenses
SynergEyes - Hybrid Soft/Hard Lenses
Corneal Refractive Therapy Lenses (CRT)

If you wear disposable lenses, you'll enjoy our streamlined annual contact lens check and competitive prices on an annual supply of contact lenses. Our patients who have an insurance vision benefit only every two years consider this service a great value.
For new fits, we help you decide which would be better for you - gas-permeable or soft contacts - and instruct you on lens care and handling techniques. Our doctors are trained to fit contacts for those with astigmatism, those over age 40 who need reading glasses (multifocal contacts), and those with irregular corneas (keratoconus, pellucid degeneration, post-surgical corneas, and other corneal pathologies).
Solving contact lens problems requires time and expertise. We use special exam techniques to find subtle contact lens-induced problems before they prevent you from wearing your contacts. We take the time to discuss wearing schedules, solutions, and other factors that may be affecting your comfort or clarity.



Inserting Contact Lens


Insertion and Removal Training

While it is not difficult, putting a contact lens into your eye for the first time can be a challenge for some people.  We provide training to help you become comfortable with this process. Our contact lens staff are able to answer many of your questions and are available for ongoing contact lens instruction and training.

Colored Contact Lenses

Colored Contact Lenses can change the iris color. The cosmetic options range from a subtle iris color change to a striking and dramatic effect. Sometimes an eye injury may leave an eye disfigured. Whatever the problem, we have experience with cosmetic and prosthetic colored contact lens issues. 



“The Six Rules of Contact Lens Wear”

Thousands of individuals enjoy improved vision, comfort, and clarity from wearing contact lenses without any adverse effect on eye health. However, contact lenses are classified as medical devices by the Federal Food and Drug Administration because they can cause serious eye health problems leading to permanent vision loss.  Following the instructions our doctors give you will help you continue to maintain good eye health while enjoying the benefits of contact lens wear.


Rule # 1. Your eyes should always look good, feel good, and see good while wearing your contacts. 

Rule # 2. Good hygienic routines are 

Rule # 3. Use the solutions we recommend.

Rule # 4. Accept that there will be times when you will not be able to wear your contacts. 

Rule #5. Come in for check-ups when recommended by the doctor. 

Rule # 6. Replace your contacts as recommended.




To prevent problems, clean your hands and contact lens case, use solutions we recommend, and replace your contact lenses as recommended. If a problem develops, listen to your eyes: don’t wear your contacts if your eyes suddenly develop pain, redness or blurred vision AND make an appointment with our doctors to make sure your eyes can be treated as soon as possible.