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Corneal Refractive Therapy (CRT)


   No more glasses or daytime contacts

   Freedom from lens-induced dryness and allergies

   Wear lenses while you sleep

   Myopia reduction in children

Are you looking for great vision and freedom from glasses and daytime contact lenses? If you are nearsighted, you may be a candidate for an exciting, non-surgical way to correct your vision: Paragon CRT (Corneal Refractive Therapy)!

No more glasses. No more daytime contacts. Just clear vision without surgery.

CRT is a method of reshaping the cornea of your eye by wearing contact lenses while you sleep without permanently altering its physiology. When you wake up, you remove the contact lenses and enjoy clear vision all day long. It's that simple!

If you are a soft contact lens wearer that is experiencing contact lens discomfort because of dryness or allergies, this is an exciting option for you. Having no lenses on your eyes during waking hours allows a healthy, unobstructed access to oxygen and freedom from lens discomfort.
Children need the freedom to be just that - children. During school and daytime activities, contact lenses and glasses can get in a child's way of learning and playing. With CRT, mom and dad have the comfort knowing their kids are seeing well at school. No more worries about whether their child is wearing or breaking their glasses, or losing contact lenses. Parents also have the ability to help manage the care and handling of CRT lenses at home, just before bedtime and upon awakening.
If you are interested in the benefits of refractive surgery, but are afraid of the surgery, have fear of poor outcome and/or irreversibility, are too young for refractive surgery or if cost is an issue, CRT therapy offers a cheaper alternative that is irreversible.
A new exciting area of CRT therapy is the control of nearsightedness, or myopia. The results of several recent research studies are promising that wearing CRT lenses can effectively decrease the risk of myopia progression if the treatment is initiated early enough in childhood.

Call our office and schedule a consultation to learn more about this non-surgical way of correcting your, or your child's vision. Comprehensive examination is required to find out if you are a candidate. To learn more about this exciting mode of vision correction, click here:


Best Candidates for CRT

* Adults and adolescents who wear soft contact lenses and   glasses

* Contact lens and glasses patients with complaints about  their current correction option:

 - Inconvenience

 - Interference with outdoor activities
 - Care and handling problems
 - Irritation from dry eyes and allergies
 - Scratched lenses and broken glasses
 - Lost and torn lenses

* Patients who don't want to proceed with refractive surgery, but want the freedom from contacts and glasses

* Nearsighted children whose parents worry about myopia progression.