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Refractive Surgery (LASIK, PRK)


Our office provides the following refractive surgery services:
 * Refractive Surgery Consultations
 * Pre-Surgical Evaluations
 * Post-Surgical Care
So, you are thinking about refractive surgery. Refractive surgery is a big decision. Many factors should be considered prior to surgery, especially the long-term health of your eyes and how your vision affects your lifestyle.
Every surgery involves some risk, so careful consideration is prudent before undergoing this elective surgery. Today's laser procedures are better and safer than ever before, but results of the surgery are permanent and irreversible. Although less than 1% of patients have uncorrectable vision loss, some patients may experience a loss of crisp contrast even with 20/20 vision. 
Laser treatment for refractive errors has been used since 1988. LASIK is now the procedure of choice due to its safety, predictability, patient comfort and convenience. Good candidates for refractive surgery have needs not well met with glasses or contacts, such as: Occupational Needs, Recreational Needs, Eye Health / Safety Needs and Emotional Needs.
We find that people that are happiest after refractive surgery are those who have active lifestyles and problems with glasses or contacts. Individuals with high prescriptions tend to be happier than individuals with low prescriptions because they can now do most daily activities without glasses, which is a new freedom.



Enhancement surgery or residual nearsightedness is more likely with higher prescriptions. Individuals more likely to be disspointed after laser surgery demand crystal clear vision and desire to see as good or better than with contacts or glasses, refuse to wear glasses for some activities and never want to wear bifocals.


Laser surgery is not a "cure all". Your uncorrected vision after surgery may not be 20/20. Most people end up needing glasses for night driving. If you are over the age of 40, you will still need glasses for reading. Call our office and schedule a consultation to learn more about refractive surgery and the following questions you might have:

* Am I a good candidate?

* How do I choose a surgeon?

* What services does your office provide?

* What kind of refractive surgery is the best choice for me?

* Will I need glasses after refractive surgery?

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