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In-Office Products For Sale

Dry Eye / Post-Lasik / Blepharitis / Meibomitis / Sty treatment Supplies:

Nordic Natural Pro-Omega 2000 - high-intensity fish oils (rich in EPAs)

Oasis Tears Plus - preservative free visco-adaptive relief for dry eyes containing a hyaluranate moisturizer

TransquilEyes XR moist therapy googles & Derm Mask - warm/cold compress goggles with micro beads

Nighttime Shields - various goggles that shelter eyes from drafts during sleep while keeping moisture in

OcuSoft Lid Scrub Foam - (Original, Plus and Platinum Plus) and Oasis Lid & Lash Lid Pads for management of blepharitis, rosacea, allergies and dry eye

Contact Lens Supplies:

LacriPure (Menicon) - preservative free saline for soft / hard contact lenses, 5 ml vials

Optimum Comfort Extra Strength Cleaner - extra strength contact lens cleaner for hard contact lenses

Progent - highly effective deposit and protein remover for hard contact lenses

Macular Degeneration Supplies:

MacuHealth - health supplement consisting of the three primary protective pigments found in the macula

Glasses Supplies:

Anti-reflective eyeglass cleaners, cloths and eyeglasses cases available for sale