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Our Eye Care Clinic

History of the Practice

Uptown EyeCare & Optical has served the residents of downtown Portland for many decades. Dr. Leonard Friedman started the practice in 1964, in what was formerly a Buster Brown shoe store, providing vision therapy and stressing the relationship between good visual skills and reading. Dr. William Berman purchased the practice in 1987 allowing Dr. Friedman to retire soon after. After the untimely death of Dr. Berman in January of 2000, Dr. Julie Demaree purchased the practice.

In November 2001, the office underwent a major remodel adding a second exam room, upgrading the frame lines, and generally making the facilities more open and inviting. The practice joined Vision Source in December of 2002. Dr. John Reeves joined the practice in January of 2004. He left in 2007 to practice optometry in Montana with his father, also an optometrist. Dr. Zuzana Friberg joined the practice in December of 2007 and ultimately bought all the shares of the practice from Dr. Demaree in May of 2008. Dr. Thomas Chewerda joined the practice in September of 2010 shortly before Dr. Friberg’s twins were born and stayed until August of 2012, allowing Dr. Friberg to spend more time with the girls. The practice underwent partial interior re-design and remodeling in 2009 & 2012 in addition to adding roof skylights to provide the space with more external light, thereby making it a true full-scope optometric practice. Dr. Amanda Mercer joined the practice in May of 2015. The last stage of interior re-design was finished in August of 2015 and our storefront colors and external signage was re-designed and updated at the end of 2017.

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