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Best eye clinic ever! 

Dr. Friberg is super thorough and knowledgeable. I came into her office super flustered with my contact lenses and looking at options to get me glasses free. I was already wearing daily contacts and my eyes were super dry and the lenses always felt uncomfortable. I was introduced to CRT lenses by Dr. Friberg and they are amazing! I had no idea there was a type of contact lens you wear to sleep and in the mornings upon removal you are able to see. I am a few weeks into this and I am SUPER pleased. I am now glasses and contact lens free in the daytime since the CRT lenses work their magic while I sleep. I am very pleased with my experience at Uptown EyeCare. The staff is super friendly and knowledgeable. They genuinely care about their patients. Best eye clinic ever!

- Google Review - March 2019

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